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Implementing effective Analytics solutions is a key factor in keeping enterprises competitive. The CDev team focuses on search, big data and advanced analytics solutions that will help companies stay one step ahead of competitors. We specialize in solutions to track web, mobile traffic, ad campaigns, online behavior, and other key metrics to produce successful insights.

Ubecome a business leader of the future. Develop your skills in information technology, quantitative methods for data analysis and making optimised decisions.

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Our business is built on the following core values – Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Accountability, Teamwork and Customer Priority.
Introspection and urge for constant improvement are in our firm’s culture, and all these consistently ensure that we remain committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients.

We continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.
We ensure the highest quality of every individual within our proposed teams through a rigorous screening process that evaluates potential employees based on specific technological qualifications, training, certifications, experience and most importantly behavioral assessments.
Involvement, communication, cooperation and transparency are key factors for the success of each of’ unique solutions. Each member, from employee to investor, is involved from project initiation to implementation and execution, to optimize productivity, and ensure quality.