What We Offer


Implementing effective Analytics solutions is a key factor in keeping enterprises competitive. The solution that will help companies stay one step ahead of competitors. READ MORE

CRM Systems

Our reliable and secure custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are developed specifically for particular business’ needs.

Global localization

CDev develops tools and technologies to make businesses truly global. We focus on ensuring that multilingual content is fully accessible across all platforms. READ MORE

Payment Platforms

CDev can help business integration payment systems that adapt to your technology and features that align with your business. READ MORE

Enterprise Sofware

CDev is all about providing end to end solutions, from database to web services and digital solutions.We also provide backend systems. READ MORE

Web & Mobile Applications

We design a measure for each of our clients, with high levels of usability that favor generating an experience of pleasant users. READ MORE

Network Monitoring

As part of our ongoing commitment to create an optimum IT environment for our customers, our Server & Network Monitoring comes as a fully managed service. READ MORE

Content Management Systems

The CMS helps to optimize your website so that search engine users can easily find your information. Also you update your site from anywhere. READ MORE

DB Architecture & Maintenance

The database is necessary to collect, store and manage the internal information of the company for later consultation. READ MORE


Our team of technology architects strives to provide custom, technology agnostic solutions. We emphasis the use of web services and API systems to seamlessly integrate applications using real time data. READ MORE

Empowering Analytics Through Innovation

We are always looking to push the boundaries of innovation

Key Benefits of Our Services

Network monitoring gives you the visibility you need to stay one step ahead of potential issues. By showing live network performance data in an easy-to-read interface, network monitoring software helps you identify outages that could cause bottlenecks.
When you don't have budget for intrusion detection software, but still want a tier 1 method to help protect against data breaches, network monitoring can help secure your business-critical data.
The more you know about your customers, the better you’ll be able to provide them with the kind of positive experience that really pays off. Everything that they do, and every interaction that they have with your organization needs to be identified, documented, and recorded.
Miscalculated data should not be the reason you cannot succeed, with CRM this is no longer a possibility. CRM systems store information in one place which leads to improved analyzing of the data as a whole.
Having an online payment portal ensures that your site is equipped for preparing payments at all times. It permits your clients to pay anywhere and anytime. This makes it helpful for your clients and guarantees consumer loyalty.
Localization of your website or mobile app not only delivers the right message to the right audience; it’s way better than that. It also optimizes your content for international search engines. We’re not talking adding a plug-in to your site and hoping for the best here.